About - North River Group
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shutterstock_137284550North River Group is a private equity firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. We purchase 20% to 100% ownership positions in leading family owned companies. Unlike the traditional 10-year private equity fund, we independently capitalize each investment. This structure allows us to theoretically hold investments forever – an approach that aligns well with family owned businesses.   


A minority equity buyout provides a business owner liquidity / diversification of net worth (versus growth capital). Additionally, the business owner retains majority ownership and operational autonomy. North River is available to assist management teams where we can add value; however, our philosophy is to be a supportive partner becoming only involved in major strategic and financial decisions.


North River also pursues majority buyouts where a family owned business cares about preserving its legacy. If preserving the legacy of the business is a primary objective, we are an ideal buyer.


We can close transactions quickly.